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Please contact Dr. Garber via email or eFax.


Dr. Garber works on Eastern Standard Time (USA).

Effective 09.01.2022 all physical deliveries will be received at:

39 Simon Street #5
Nashua, New Hampshire 03060

Receipt of physical mail (e.g., USPS, UPS, FedEx) may be delayed up to two weeks.

Routine communications
In case of emergency
For new referrals and inquiries
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For facsimilie transmission
About Dr. Garber's adminsitrative

In case of emergency:

In case of a life-threatening emergency,

dial 9-1-1 or go to the local hospital emergency room immediately.

Neither Family Law Consulting, PLLC, nor Dr. Garber provide emergency services.

Acknowledging that family law matters and work in the courts can be extremely stressful, parties and professionals alike are advised to maintain professional mental and physical health care and establish emergency contingencies. 

Read more here read more here

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Administrative support:

Dr. Garber employs specially trained personnel to assist with administrative matters.

Dr. Garber's "admin" is Emily B. Emily has a background as a paralegal, administrator, and secretary. She will help to elicit and organize the extensive data collection associated with family evaluations. Emily is available at
ADMIN @FamilyLawConsulting.org.

All personnel associated with Family Law Consulting are bound by the same rules of confidentiality, professionalism, and respect. In her capacity as administrative assistant, Emily B. will help to make your work with Dr. Garber more time- and therefore cost-efficient.

New referrals and inquiries:
Please reach Dr. Garber via email only. This is not only more efficient than phone, it creates a record of our contacts that can be important as we work together.

Your referrals and inquiries are always welcome. Please email Dr. Garber directly to discuss the nature of the consultation, scheduling parameters, and to complete a conflict check Read more here link

If you are a parent involved in family litigation and you are seeking expert testimonial services
it is often best to have your lawyer reach Dr. Garber on your behalf.
When an expert engages directly with a litigant, the expert's impartial role can be compromised.

Please keep in mind that Dr. Garber will make every reasonable effort to preserve his impartial role wherever applicable. In some situations, this will mean that Dr. Garber will defer speaking with you in favor of scheduling a conference call with you AND your co-parent or with your lawyer. 
Please be prepared to provide demographics of the case. This includes parties' and their children's names, addresses, dates of birth, and the case caption as it appears before the court.

As an initial step, Dr. Garber will provide you with a Service Agreement
detailing the nature and limits of the proposed consultation. Read more
Read more

For routine inquiries, please use e-mail:

Please note that Dr. Garber's email is protected via SSL technology and encrypted. Nevertheless, digital communications are not confidential and may be subject to discovery and interception. Your choice to engage in communications with Family Law Consulting PLLC or Dr. Garber constitutes implicit acknowledgement and informed consent to engage in digital communications. Read more Read more here

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For voice and ZOOM
(and other digital video) contacts call:

(603) 314.8841

This is a voice-over-internet-protocol phone line hosted by Zoom. It is encrypted and secure. (It works just like any phone number.) Once again, your choice to communicate with Family Law Consulting PLLC constitutes implicit acknowledgement that digital communication platforms are vulnerable to interference.

Please note that calls are not answered directly unless scheduled in advance.

For fax transmissions:

eFax 1-603-386-6083
This is a digital facsimile (fax) transmission line. It communicates directly to email. If you are sending or receiving from a dedicated fax machine, it works precisely like any other fax transmission.

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