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Dynamics, not Diagnoses:
A Practical Field Guide to Understanding and Responding
to High Conflict Family Relationships

(c) 2021  B.D. Garber, Ph.D.
D. Prescott, J.D., Ph.D.
C. Mulchay, Ph.D.

(To be published by the American Bar Association Winter, 2021)

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Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle
 Keeping families out of court
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Keeping Kids Out of the Middle

Developmental Psychology For Family Law

Holding Tight/Letting Go

Mock-up of Dynamics cover
Dynamics TOC

“A true conservationist is a man who knows that
the world is not given by his fathers,
but borrowed from his children.”

-- John James Audubon

Available winter 2021 from the American Bar Association

For courts and judicial officers
For lawyers, attorneys and pro se
For Guardians ad litem
For forensic
                        family evaluators
For litigants
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Ten Forms for Forensic Family Evaluation

Roadmap to the Parenting Plan Workbook

The HealthyParent's ABCs

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