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expert psychological services.


Dr. Ben Garber is a New Hampshire licensed, PsyPact-qualified psychologist. Dr. Garber's long-standing commitment is to help parents, schools, agencies and the courts better understand and serve the needs of children.

Dr. Garber's practice is limited to Court-related (i.e., forensic) services including individual and family system evaluations, peer consultation and supervision, work-product review, attorney consultation, and educating the court in the role of expert witness.

Dr. Garber is a compulsive writer. He has published hundreds of popular press articles, more than two dozen peer-reviewed and law review professional publications, and ten books focused on topics in child and family development, divorce, family law practice, and the dynamics of the conflicted family system.

Dr. Garber provides large group trainings to family law professionals around the world.  His presentations are entertaining, engaging, and challenging. He is well-known for his ability to make complex theory and complicated practice into common sense, practical basics.

More than anything, Dr. Garber works to focus  the complexities of family relationships, the science of psychology, and the rigor of the law on the needs of each child.

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Forensic Evaluation
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Resist/refuse dynamics
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Minimizing bias and premature closure: A rubric for the evaluation and adjudication of
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Best Practice Requires a Systems Approach


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