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Expert Witness


Dr. Garber works with lawyers, Guardians ad litem, and courts to provide expert witness services.
He has worked in this capacity in a number of precedent setting cases across the country.

As first steps:

Communicate via email so as to create a record.
  • Please do NOT share your theory of the case. Dr. Garber will take every reasonable step to preserve impartiality.
  • Dr. Garber will review case-specific documentation (e.g., court orders, therapy records, other professionals' work product) in order to infer a fact pattern, consider that fact pattern in light of relevant science, experience, and expertise and, on that basis, opine regarding the relationship dynamics and interventions most appropriate to that fact pattern.
  • Dr. Garber will review other professionals' work product (e.g., therapy records, family system evaluation), consider that work product in light of relevant ethics, guidelines, standards, and laws, and opine regarding the adequacy, reliability, and/or validity of that work product.
  • Dr. Garber will NOT interview, observe, assess, evaluate or otherwise collect new data.
  • Working as an expert witness, Dr. Garber will NOT meet with the employing lawyer's client so as to preserve impartiality and the privilege associated with attorney work product.
  • Dr. Garber will NOT offer opinions specific to the individuals, relationships, or systems involved in litigation. Counsel and the court must build the bridge between an inferred fact pattern and/or the adequacy of others' work product and specific matters at bar.
  • Regrettably, Dr. Garber cannot work as an expert witness in the employ of a pro se (self-represented) litigant.

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