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Forensic Evaluation

Forensic evaluation describes any assessment process conducted for or through the legal system.

Dr. Garber conducts forensic psychological evaluations. In general, this means applying psychological theories, methods, and measurements to help the court answer legal questions. For example:

Family Systems Evaluation (FSE) is an assessment of the relationship dynamics (that is, the patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and expressed emotions) that characterize a family. FSE is particularly valuable when the court seeks to answer questions about child custody including -for example- how best to allocate two or more parents' future rights and responsibilities post-divorce.

Parenting Capacity Evaluation (PCE) advises the court about an individual adult's thoughts, beliefs, and practices about caring for a child.

Individual child or adult psychological assessment endeavors to answers questions for the court about a particular individual's social, emotional, and/or developmental strengths and weaknesses.

Forensic Evaluation

1. Provide the case caption and names of all professionals  involved for a conflict check.

2. Communicate via email to create a record,
3. Provide the enabling court order.
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4. Be certain that the enabling court order specifies the question(s) to be addressed in the proposed evaluation.

5. Dr. Garber will provide you with a Service Agreement detailing the nature and limitations of the proposed evaluation.

Testing and FSE

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